Ruth Eleora Ongkowidjojo (Grade 6, Indonesia)
Heinrich Noel Siawan (Grade 6, Indonesia)
Valencia Estella Immanuel
(Grade 5, Indonesia)


DTM | Don’t Touch Me is a device that is small, cool, light weight and cost – efficient. We came up with infrared proximity sensors that are cost efficient and small. These sensors can sense an object approaching it, and the emitter reflects light to the receiver which then triggers the buzzer.

What is the problem your invention solves?

When people unconsciously touch the parts of their face such as the nose, eyes, and mouth the DTM will help remind them not to touch their face. This device will be helpful in during this pandemic. So with the DTM, people mostly kids can have a “personal companion” that will remind them not to touch their face.

How does your invention solve the problem?

the infrared sensors will trigger a buzzer whenever they try touch their face.

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