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IFIC2021 International Registration will be open from 1 April.
Please read following information before your registration.

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Invent Future Invention Convention (IFIC)

Invent Future Invention Convention (IFIC) is the first student invention convention in China. IFIC 2021 is held by IDE Education, China, supported by Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum, Zhejiang Fuxing Sinology Institute, Shining3D, and Mexico-China Center. 

IFIC 2021 is consisted by two main components — IFIC Exhibition at Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum from 15 May to 20 June 2021, and IFIC Judging Day on 15 May 2021, which is powered by InventFuture.Global (IF.G). International student inventors from IF.G organizations and Chinese student inventors who passed IFIC online judging are invited to IFIC 2021 to show their world changing inventions. Judges from China, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, Singapore, and Indonesia will be invited to join IFIC 2021’s judging.

Hybrid Judging Circle

Students and judges outside China will use ZOOM to join the onsite judging circle, and meantime students in China will come to the museum and physically join the same judging circle. International and Chinese students will pitch with each other in the judging circle and compete for the awards.

Judges from Real World

IFIC judges are consisting of experts in different sectors, including educators, engineers, lawyers, doctors, designers. They participate in judging, share with students the real world problem solving experiences in their organizations, and together celebrate students’ innovation achievements.

IFIC Exhibition

Inventions from all student participants will be exhibited on IFIC Exhibition at Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum, China from 15 May 2021. The exhibition will last for one month, to celebrate IFIC 2021 participants creativity and achievements with all museum visitors.



IFIC is invitation-based event with limited seats. Students from age 5-18 selected by worldwide InventFuture.Global organizations (IFGO) are eligible to register.

  • IFIC 2021 is open to either individual participants or teams with maximum 3 team members. 
  • Each student can only participate in one project. Student participants should finish registration with following information before 23 APR 2021.
  • An invention projects can be an invention prototype / product, or an APP. The invention should solve a real world problem, and be either new and original or an innovation based on something that already exists.
  • All kinds of guns, fireworks, and knives should be avoided in an invention project.
  • Functionalities of the invention project must be demonstrated in pitch video and in judging circle.


Official languages of IFIC 2021 are English and Chinese. When submitting the application, student participants need to select the language of the judging circle they want to join.

  • If Chinese judging circle is selected, then Chinese registration form should be submitted, and all materials should be in Chinese. On IFIC 2021 Judging Day, student will participate in the judging circle with the language of Chinese.
  • If English judging circle is selected, then English registration form should be submitted, and all materials should be in English. On IFIC 2021 Judging Day, student will participate in the judging circle with the language of English.

Documents to be Uploaded

Photo of the Inventor or the Team

All team members’ faces should be clearly shown.

Photo or Screenshot of the Invention

Invention should be clearly shown in the picture. Please provide screenshot of the App if the invention is an application.
More about invention projects

Display Board Design Picture

The design picture should be able to printed out to fit the size of a standard display board.
View Display Board Guidelines

PDF file of Inventor’s Logbook

Inventor’s logbook is the recording of the whole inventing process. Team only needs to submit one logbook.
View Logbook Guidelines

Pitch Video Link

All team members need to participate in the video recording. The video should be less than 4 minutes long.
View Pitch Video Guidelines


Invention Process

  • Identifying and Understanding
  • Ideating
  • Designing and Building
  • Testing and Refining

Invention Impact

  • Market and Value
  • Originality


  • Invention Prototype or Product
  • Display Board
  • Live Pitch and Q&A

IFIC 2021’s judging circles at the museum consist of Chinese judging circles and English judging circles. Both Chinese and International participants can choose the language of the judging circle when they register for the event. Students will be assigned to the judging circle according to the age range. Usually 10 projects, 3 judges are in a single judging circle. Student participants and judges outside China will join the judging by using Zoom to connect onsite judging circles. International project’s display board and logbook will be printed out by IFIC committee, and placed at onsite judging circle. Each project will take turns to give,


Live Pitch




Judge Rating

Judge will ask each student questions based on IFIC 2021 rubric, including invention process, impact, and communicating.

View Live Pitch Guidelines


The printed display board will be exhibited IFIC exhibition at the museum after IFIC judging day for one month.


IFIC 2021 awards are open to all participants. Participants in Chinese judging circles and English judging circles will compete for the awards.

Most Innovative Invention Award
Top 10 invention projects from all participating projects

Serial Inventor Award
This award is to reward student inventors who keep inventing and have participated in IFIC or IFG member’s invention event more than once.

Industry Awards
This category awards are set up by companies and organizations well known by innovation. The winners are selected by industry expert judges. Industry awards will be announced before IFIC Judging Day.