Thank You For Inventing Our Future


Invention Could Be Simple, But Effective

To apply IFIC 2021, you need to solve a real world problem, and your invention should be unique.
You should have complete at least following inventing process, identifying, understanding, ideating, designing, testing and refining.
Your invention can be one of the following kinds.

Invention Prototype

A prototype that demonstrates the functionalities of the invention idea. E.g. a prototype that demonstrates the problem solved in real city traffic system.


An application that solves real world problem. E.g. an App that helps people find the toilet nearby.

Invention Product

An invention that can be directly used by people. E.g. a cup that helps people clean the brush and the cup after cleaning teeth.

Exhibition and Celebration for Young Inventors!

Hangzhou Low Carbon Science & Technology Museum

After IFIC 2021 Judging Day, inventions from all student participants will be exhibited on IFIC 2021 Exhibition at Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum, China from 15 May 2021. The exhibition will last for one month. This is the celebration to student inventors’ innovative achievements!

International Registration Deadline

23 APRIL 2021

IFIC 2021 Judging Day

15 MAY 2021

IFIC Exhibition

15 MAY – 20 JUNE 2021

Celebrate for Future Innovative Spirits

Thank You for Making This Happen!