IFIC 2020


Invent Future Invention Convention IFIC 2020

Invent Future Invention Convention (IFIC) 2020 will be held virtually from 11 – 18 Oct, 2020. Student inventors in and out of China are invited to IFIC to show their world changing inventions. Judges from China, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, Singapore, and Indonesia will be invited to join IFIC 2020’s judging.

International Registration Deadline: 20 SEP 2020

IFIC 2020 Exhibition

To encourage and inspire young inventors, worldwide inventions participated in IFIC 2020 will be exhibited to public on IFIC 2020 Invention Exhibition at Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum, China for a month from mid September 2020. Meantime, these inventions will be exhibited on IFIC website . The public will vote for their favorite invention. Please join us to celebrate student inventors’ innovative achievements!


IFIC is powered by the global educational program InventFuture.Global (IF.G). Worldwide judges and student inventors are invited by IF.G to participate in IFIC 2020. IFIC international online judging circle, which is IF.G judging circle, is open to students both in and outside China.

Inventor Meet Online Activity

12 – 15 Oct 2020, student inventors from different countries will be mixed in groups, working together to complete secret challenges virtually. These challenges might be an existing or solved problems in real world companies.


Celebrate for Future Innovative Spirits

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